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ile déserte



Our group is going on a trip to a desert island. But, space is limited on the boat.

So we have to agree on our luggage. The work will be done in groups.


I will form groups in a random way:

orange- strawberry- banana-chocolate ...


Each group should contain 4 to 5 students.

Each group agrees on the five important things to take with the group.

Afterwards, they write down the result of their choice on the group sheet, and present it to the others.

baton d'hélium.png

The helium stick

(Requires a long stick)

The challenge :


Will we know, all together, land as quickly as possible

a light rod, always keeping it horizontal

and only using our two indexes?

Morality :

It's not that simple as it sounds ...

the tube goes up, goes up goes up!

The team must trust each other and synchronize to be successful.

The little extra:

a beautiful explosion of joy on arrival!



The classic

Talk in pairs (about their tastes, hobbies, etc.)

then go around the table during which everyone introduces their partner.


The interest is to play down the speech in front of the large group:

"I am not talking about myself but about my / my colleague".

Variant :

Once the pairs have been formed, you tell the students that they will have to

get from their comrade and also give,

the greatest amount of information concerning them (tastes, work, projects, etc.);

So far so good.


But you specify that this information must be obtained

WITHOUT speaking NOR writing in 7 minutes; the eyes are rounded ...

A few minutes later the exchanges are going well, we grimace,

jump, gesticulate, draw and we laugh a lot! 😉

At the end of the 7 minutes, the memorized information (we do not have the right to write)

will be played back, each in turn presenting his / her partner.


The latter then has the possibility of rectifying, supplementing the information ...

A flower

to meet

Firstly :

Participants will represent individually on an A4 sheet

a flower composed of a circle (the heart), 4 petals, a stem and a leaf.


Under the dictation of the trainer we draw the different elements one after the other

and we fill in the spaces according to the instructions heard

(hereafter in group of trainers in training):

“Draw a circle. You will write your dearest wish inside ”.

“Then you draw a petal and write 3 things you like to do”.

"Draw a second petal and write your motto (or a proverb)".

"In the third petal, you note 3 difficult or negative aspects of your training".

"In the fourth and last petal, you are going to indicate the place where you would like to be at this moment".

“Now draw a stem and a leaf; inside this sheet,

you will write down what you would like to know, to be able to do,

learn at the end of the training or this animation ”.

In a second time :

Participants are invited to come and ask their colleagues

on the different points noted in their flower, the objective being to find in the group

the person with whom we have the most things in common.

The trainer circulates during the discussions and notes what are the difficulties,

the needs of the participants in the context of this work (point 4),

their expectations in relation to the training or animation offered (point 6).

fleur pot STC!

Ice breaker to wake up

or after the meal:

The challenge :


For 5 minutes, randomly walk in space, say hello to people you meet ...

improvising a different accent each time!

Morality :


Walking in space quite simply allows you to get in motion, to mobilize your whole body.

Saying hello forces participants to make eye contact with each other, and therefore to re-establish a bond.


Asking for an accent, it's just a bonus to relax the atmosphere

and create a little more collusion between the participants. "


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