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Because you are participating in this project, but beyond the project,

to work with young people so that they become active and participatory citizens,

you are entitled to an open badge which recognizes that the bearer

participated in one or more training actions on active citizenship for young people.




















The owner contributed to component 4 of the 1st mission of agricultural education:

train active citizens capable of facing the challenges of tomorrow.

The action of the owner participates in Criterion 3 of the RSO label:

Adaptation to the beneficiaries of services and reception methods,

support, monitoring and evaluation implemented

and more particularly to item 14 of the Action Plan

(The service provider implements socio-professional support,

educational and relating to the exercise of citizenship).

The owner has implemented an action aimed at

develop the power of young people to act:

- training on sustainable development and / or migration issues
- action of opening up to the world and others
- intervention of a partner association
- young people in project mode
- implementation of the 8-step action to become an actor of change.

Criteria for issuing the badge:

- participate in a training action on active citizenship
- set up an action with young people
- provide proof of this implementation
- appropriate the action supports made available to them


(which will be requested by return of the form below)

- session frame
- young people
- Pictures
- if third party intervention: photo and contact details


L'open badge est une certification numérique
dont les caractéristiques sont développées
sur un espace en ligne qui vous est consacré.
Il vous permet de valoriser et communiquer
( lien depuis votre CV, vos réseaux professionnels, vos email )
les compétences que vous aurez acquise
en participant au programme
Start The Change !



"I am an agent of change

in my MFR "

Fill in this form :

thank you for your request
We will get back to you very soon!

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